WAAVP Awards

WAAVP Awards are now closed.


The World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP) is pleased to offer the following awards to its members.

For more information, please contact the WAAVP Secretary/Treasurer, Richard Wall at Richard.Wall at bristol.ac.uk.

Excellence in Research, Teaching or Service

Closing date for the next round of nominations: December 31, 2018

Any member of WAAVP may nominate a candidate (other than him/herself) by forwarding a letter describing the candidate’s contributions to either research or teaching, as broadly defined above, to the Secretary/Treasurer of the WAAVP. The nominator should arrange for a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae and five (5) letters in support of the nomination to be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer at Richard.Wall at bristol.ac.uk by December 31, the year before the conference.

Nomination Guidelines
  • The letter should indicate clearly an outstanding contribution to research, the impact on the field and other evidence of the recognition of the research, or indicate an excellent teaching record, outstanding contributions to training and to teaching material in veterinary parasitology and other evidence of the recognition to teaching in this field. Support from former students for a nomination to the teaching award, while not essential, could be helpful to the Awards Committee in making their selection. It is desirable, but not essential, that nominees be active in WAAVP activities.
  • All documents in support of a nomination, received by the deadline, will be copied to the Awards Committee. The Committee will consist of seven (7) members, nominated by the Executive Committee, who are not members of the Executive Committee (except for the President) and not themselves candidates and is chaired by the President of the WAAVP. The Awards Committee may seek another opinion on the nominees. The selection of the awardees will be made by majority written ballot by members of the Awards Committee. The President has a casting ballot in the event of a tie. The Awards Committee can elect not to make an award. The prior receipt of an award excludes a candidate from the subsequent nomination of the same award.

Awards won previously: 



Teaching or Service


James Armour

EJ Lawson Soulsby


Jitender P Dubey

Jaques Euzeby


Maxwell Murray

Peter Nansen


Desmond Hennessy

Johannes Eckert


Roger Prichard

Gerhard Shad


Peter Waller

Not awarded


RC Andrew Thompson

Not awarded


Not awarded

Peter Holdsworth


Robin Gasser

Not awarded


Jozef Vercruysse

Lydden Polley


Richard Wall

Roger Prichard


Carlos Lanusse



Peter Nansen Young Scientist Award

Closing date for the next round of nominations: December 31, 2018

This fund is established under the auspices of the WAAVP to honour and perpetuate the memory of Professor Peter Nansen for his outstanding contributions to veterinary parasitology and, in particular, his great concern for and the encouragement of young, promising scientists in this field.

Funds generated for the specific purpose will be utilised primarily for the Peter Nansen Award to young professionals in the field of veterinary parasitology and second only to support the objectives of WAAVP.

The aim of the WAAVP Foundation for the Peter Nansen Award is to give a prize rewarding innovative and outstanding work by promising young professionals in the field of veterinary parasitology. Nominations are called for every second year. The award will be presented at the WAAVP Biennial Conference. The registration fees, economy travel costs and accommodation for the recipient to attend the Conference will be reimbursed. If not a registered member, the recipient will also receive a two-year membership of WAAVP.

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations are made by a proposer and a seconder, and the portfolio consists of the following documents:

(i) a detailed statement describing the innovative nature and excellence of the work by the young professional (max. 2 pages). This statement should be signed jointly by the proposer and the seconder, or each may submit a separate statement.

(ii) a Curriculum Vitae including a list of publications and a statement outlining the contribution(s) to each publication. The permission of the nominee is not required, and the nominee needs not to be made aware of his/her nomination.

In order to qualify for the award the Nominees should be younger professionals, with a Master of Science (or equivalent) or higher level degree, aged 40 or younger at the time of nomination for the prize. The call for nominations is advertised in the WAAVP Newsletter in the calendar year preceding the WAAVP Conference. Nominations should be sent to the Secretary, of the WAAVP, by December 31, 2018 and these will then be forwarded to the members of the Awards Management Committee (MC).

The Management Committee will evaluate nominated candidates, irrespective of gender, religion, and/or geographical origin. Nominations are only valid for the year in which they are made, but this does not preclude re-nomination of unsuccessful candidates in subsequent years. A candidate can only receive the award once. Serving members of the MC shall be automatically barred from being nominated themselves or from proposing or seconding someone else.

Each MC member independently assesses the qualifications of the nominees and forwards their written justified recommendations to the Chairperson. The Chairperson then circulates the individual assessments and reasons to all members of the Committee and, after considering their recommendation, submit their final choice to the Chairperson. The nominee with the highest number of votes will be awarded the prize. The MC shall return all nomination documents for unsuccessful candidates to the nominators at the same time that the successful nominee is notified. All correspondence not specifically related to the Recipient of the Award, the Recipient’s nominators and the MC shall be destroyed.

The Chairperson shall ensure that a citation concerning the recipient of the WAAVP Peter Nansen Award for Young Scientists is submitted to Veterinary Parasitology and the WAAVP Newsletter.

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