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The World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP) is the largest international veterinary parasitological organization in the world.

WAAVP is a non-profit, organization for scientists who study helminthology, protozoology and entomology. Founded in 1963, the association is the largest international veterinary parasitology organization in the world, with membership of over 600, consisting of veterinarians, parasitologists and others interested in the area. The official organ of the WAAVP, the scientific journal Veterinary Parasitology, publishes papers dealing with all aspects of parasitic disease: prevention, pathology, epidemiology, treatment and control of parasites.

The association is dedicated to encouraging research in veterinary parasitology and promoting the exchange of information and material amongst researchers, veterinary practitioners and animal health investigators. For this purpose, the WAAVP holds a biennial conference attracting attendees from around the globe. The conferences cover all aspects of veterinary parasitology. Other conference activities include award presentations, special symposia and workshops and discussions mixed with a good helping of fun!

The overall theme for WAAVP 2019 is Sifting and Winnowing the Evidence in Veterinary Parasitology.

The three tracks of the conference are:

  • Medium

  • Parasite

  • Subject

Please note the sub-tracks:


Cattle Sheep Swine Dog
Cat Equine Exotics Avian
Wildlife Laboratory Diagnostics Other


Protozoa Nematode Cestode Trematode
Flea Mosquitoes Other Insects Tick


Diagnosis Epidemiology Education


Prevention Immunology Genetics Molecular
Resistance Control Novel Cases




Important Dates
  • Abstract Submission Deadline Extended: February 22, 2019 (23:59 PST)
  • Student Travel Award Application Deadline Extended: February 22, 2019
  • Author Notification of Presentation: March 25, 2019
  • Student Travel Awards Notification of Acceptance: March 25, 2019
  • Presenting Author Registration Deadline: April 26, 2019
Submission of Papers for Consideration

All abstracts must be submitted by February 22, 2019 (23:59 PST).

Abstracts should:

  • Identify their author, including contact details
  • Identify any other copyright owners, including contact details
  • Include a heading describing the subject to be covered in the paper
  • Show how the paper relates to the Conference’s main and subsidiary tracks
  • Provide a detailed summary of the paper’s contents, including
    • Aspects that would be covered in a presentation at WAAVP 2019
    • Additional material proposed for publication, if any

Having considered your abstract, the scientific committee will advise if an oral presentation can be made available to you. If it cannot, a poster session opportunity may be made available. In all cases the WAAVP Scientific Committee’s decision will be final.

If your paper is accepted, the scientific committee will keep you advised as to when it will be presented.  Once your abstract has been submitted, you may only make changes to your authors and affiliations up to February 22, 2019.

Submission Guidelines

You will first be prompted to create an account. This will require your email address and the creation of a password. You will then need to click the tab to Update Contact Information. Click Create Contact to enter your personal details.  At this time, you will be asked to confirm your student status (if applicable) and to select which travel award you would like to be considered for. All student registrations must be accompanied by a PDF letter signed by the head of the department/graduate chair confirming undergraduate or graduate student status along with the contact information of the supervisor. Please ensure you have this document ready.  Then you can click on the Abstract Submission tab to begin submitting your abstract.

Step 1: How to submit my abstract?

  • Have all the information about your abstract prepared beforehand.
  •  Corresponding author’s contact details.
  • Email address.
  • Full postal address.
  • Author and coauthors details, full first and family name(s) and email addresses.
  • Affiliation details: department, institution/hospital, city, state/province (if relevant) and country.

Your abstract must contain:

  • A succinct title in a single line (maximum 50 words)
  • A list of authors with their affiliations. Please identify the first author, or presenting author, by checking off the box, “Presenter”.
  • A relevant abstract subject to be chosen from the three WAAVP 2019 tracks

o   Medium

o   Parasite

o   Subject


  • You should prepare the entire contents of your abstract as a single text file (Word, TextEdit, etc.) We strongly recommend that you avoid Greek letters but instead use their text counterparts.
  • Word count is affected when filling the text box, therefore a maximum of 300 words is allowed.
  • No tables or graph/images are permitted.

Step 2: Abstract Title and Presentation Type

  • Please Title Case your title
  • Titles cannot be longer than 50 words
  • Chose a presentation type, there will be oral and poster presentations available

Step 3: Chose a Track AND Sub-track

  • There are three main tracks featured:

o   Medium

o   Parasite

o   Subject

  •       Please select the correct track and sub-track for your abstract

Step 4: Authors

Prepare the list of authors and coauthors before submitting your abstract. The first author should be the presenting author, if possible, and if not, the presenting author should be indicated.

  • Start by entering all affiliations that the abstract is associated with
  • Enter all the authors associated with the abstract. When entering authors affiliations, please ensure that you use the number in the left-hand upper corner of the affiliations box. Authors are permitted to have multiple affiliations.

For example, if in the Author Affiliation Entry 1, you wrote University of Wisconsin-Madison.  For the Abstracts Authors, if the Author has the same affiliation, please include in the Affiliations Box the corresponding number, 1.  For every new affiliation added, please include the number corresponding to that affiliation in the Affiliations Box under Abstract Authors.

Step 5: Abstract upload

The maximum word limit is 300. Tables and figures/graphs are not permitted. Your abstract should outline the aims, contents and conclusions of your paper/presentation.


Step 6: Review

Review your submission to ensure that all details are correct. Any outstanding issues will be noted in red.


Step 7: Submit

The abstract is automatically registered as a “draft” status. As long as you do not submit the final version, you can change your abstract until the submission deadline by returning to the submit page using your account login. Once submitted no further changes are allowed.

IMPORTANT: Only abstracts with a “Submitted” status will be forwarded to the Abstract Review Committee after the submission deadline. It is your responsibility to submit your abstracts by clicking on the “submit” button before the deadline (February 22, 2019).   Submitted abstracts cannot be modified, please review your abstract carefully before submitting it.


After clicking the “Submit” button, you will receive an email confirmation of your submission.


Step 8: Evaluation

After the submission deadline, abstracts will be sent to the Abstract Review Committee. The Abstract Review Committee will decide whether the abstract is acceptable for the conference, and subsequently whether the abstract is accepted as an oral or a poster presentation based upon the final rankings.



All presenting authors will receive an email notification of whether their abstracts were accepted or rejected on March 25, 2019.  Please ensure that the presenter’s email address is valid and that you whitelist the Abstract and Speaker Manager’s email, WAAVP2019-Speakers@icsevents.com, in order to receive the email notification promptly.


Student Travel Awards
WAAVP 2019 is pleased to offer student competitions and travel awards for students.  Student travel awards of up to $500 USD will be awarded at the meeting. In addition, up to 5 student abstracts will be chosen by random draw for free registration!    
To be eligible for a student travel awards, you must meet all of the following requirements:
  • WAAVP, AAVP or LIWC Member
  • Student (must provide student supporting documentation)
  • Submit an abstract - and be accepted as either a poster or oral presentation
Should you fail to meet any of the above criteria, your award application will not be considered.  
Contact Information

For any inquiries, please contact the Abstract & Speaker Manager at WAAVP2019-Speakers@icsevents.com. If your inquiry is regarding a particular draft or submission, please include the paper number and abstract title in your email.

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